Nicklas Nickel is an economist and social science author who has authored and published eight books on various topics, including the relationship between increased public awareness and economic growth, public choice theory, functionalist theory, neo-Bonapartism, and Machiavelli’s perspectives. Additionally, he recently published a book explaining relative deprivation. Currently, he is focusing on writing three new books that will provide an analytical look at the economic, political, and cultural currents of Iran during the years 1960-1979.

His books include:

  • “Awareness and Economics” – Origins of Awareness and Modern Economics
  • “Awareness and Economics” – Awareness and Economics in Experience of Modernity and Path to Development
  • “Awareness and Economics” – Politics, Organization and Technology
  • Public Choice Theory
  • Functionalism
  • Neo-Bonapartism
  • Machiavelli
  • Relative Deprivation Theory

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The realization of spiritual development in society is essential and requires passing through material development.

Nicklas Nickel

The brighter the light of awareness shines upon a society, the faster the wheels of its economic progress turn

Nicklas Nickel

Social poverty and dwindling hope for life are the seeds of discontent that can sprout into the thorns of revolution.

Nicklas Nickel

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